Who is SITMeditation for?

SITMEDITATION is for individuals, couples, families, or teams who would like  to dive deep into the structure of the self, learn the three transcendent steps, and take an in-depth look at the eight archetypical  layers of self-organization that keep them revolving in the same old behavior patterns. SITMEDITATION is an antidote to being stuck in the endless play of opposites that keep many of us struggling with inner conflict chasing our tails instead of living with joy.

It is designed for people who have done the enough ” inner work” to realize that they are often the source of their own difficulties and are often triggered into reacting to the world when they would prefer to be responding or simply being at peace. It is perfect for people who want to learn how to better “hold the space” for themselves and others and even more useful for professionals in the mental health and well-being field that want to teach their clients to be less reactive and more responsive.

Consider joining a SITMEDITATION training if you:

  • would like to have more love in your life
  • find yourself in endless internal dialogue about events
  • would like more joy in your life
  • have a low grade anxiety
  • wish you felt more solid in your life
  • often feel triggered by what other people do and say
  • would like to have healthier people around you
  • would like to have less conflict in your relationships
  • would like to feel more comfortable in your skin
  • wish you were a bit less reactive to life events
  • would like to have better family relations
  • feel depressed or hopeless