What is SITMeditation?

SITMEDITATION is an “inquiry based” practice focused on reconnecting with  our primary state  of  consciousness, deconstructing the false narratives that keep us  stuck in the status quo,  and raising awareness of the internal polarizations that trap us participating in stress producing cycles of inner-conflict and compulsive internal-dialogue (Monkey Mind).

It is a method of meditation that integrates  the perennial wisdom of ancient practices such as the Socratic method from the west and Non-duality from the east with more modern psychotherapeutic dynamics.

It is centered around a acknowledging the true nature of human experience and the pulling back of our attention from over identification with experiential  fluctuations and false narratives about how we judge life to be. It is based one three universal steps of Sensing Integrating and transcending (SIT) and eight archetypical self-organizational  layers that keep people revolving in the same old behavior patterns.

It represents a powerful pathway to expand awareness, move through internal challenges, and stay free of reactionary triggers that so often lead into conflict and a diminished sense of well-being. It integrates the most powerful elements of meditation practice; such as presence, ascendence, and transcendence, along with concepts borrowed from gestalt therapy; such as, awareness, avoidance, polarities, emerging ground, and flow.

In SITMEDITATION existentialism meets spirituality as basic emotional needs are acknowledged in the process of freeing ourselves from compulsive desire, misidentification, and suffering.

SITMEDITATION was developed by Morgan Goodlander as a result of his five year apprenticeship under the guidance of a spiritual teacher and his many years of experience as a leadership consultant and gestalt therapist.