SITMeditation for Authenticity and Joy

Being true to oneself and living from the heart naturally produces great satisfaction and well-being. There is nothing like the sense of internal and external alignment when we know when we are acting from our deepest values and beliefs. We experience both a sense of deep connection to ourselves and a spaciousness that extends joyfully to others.

The goal of SITMeditation is such a humbling and grounding state. By neutralizing the play of opposites inside us, SITMEDITATION  frees energy that would otherwise be held in polar-tension and stops the endless interruptions that the Polarized Self is constantly giving rise.  We are no longer interrupted by our doubts, shamed by our judgments, or inflated by our egos. Instead, we achieve a state of humbling equilibrium accepting all that is without need for modification and  that brings an unshakable peace.

 SITMEDITATION teaches us how to recognize and resolve our internal polarizations so that we can evolve instead of revolve. Back to GOODLANDER EXPERIENCE TRAINING (GET)


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