SITMeditation for Anxiety

Everyone experiences anxiety at one point or another. We all go through periods when we are less confident and in the flow. Our ability to embrace and grow through these times is paramount for our continued development. Self polarization splits our experience into good/bad and if we are not careful we can find ourselves spiraling downward toward self condemnation or shame. The logic goes something like “Anxiety isn’t good. So if I have it, I am bad. ” Anxiety breeds avoidance, over thinking, and can make us both hyper-vigilant and withdrawn. We lose our sense of presence, of being with others, and even of being comfortable in our own skin.

SITMEDITATION works to restore our sense of flow and goes right to the heart of our anxiety and underlying fear of loss. It gives us direct access to the parts of us we need in order to take a deep breath, relax, and just let things go. Through SITMEDITATION we get the opportunity to actually see and experience how anxiety is created inside us and how it can be transformed.

SITMEDITATION teaches us how to recognize and resolve our internal polarizations so that we can evolve instead of revolve. Back to GOODLANDER EXPERIENCE TRAINING (GET)

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