SITMeditation for Relationships

Often we can see the Hungry and Apathetic organizations playing out the dance of opposites in relationships. This dance of opposites can play out in a number of ways. The simple form is below:

  • when one partner is Hungry the other is Apathetic
  • when one partner is Apathetic the other Hungry
  • one or both partners flip from Hungry to Apathetic or Apathetic to Hungry

This dance of “I want you – I do not want you,” plays out in both the intra-personal and the inter-personal or relational domains. Because the self organizes the perception of reality based on itself; what is inside is outside. The Hunger/Apathy polarity is first an internal form of self-relating that then gets projected onto significant others in the environment.

What is really interesting is that people who have this organization most active seem to find others with a similar level of activation so that the game becomes mutual – and they can focus on the polarity in the other rather than in themselves. If they are really in the grip of this archetypical self-organization, they tend to be reactive in relationships and see things as black or white, good or bad, wonderful or toxic. They hate you or they love you. If the organization is only mildly active they stay stuck with distant relationships that look more like a dance of approach and avoid where calls or emails don’t get returned and meeting dates are continuously rescheduled.

 SITMEDITATION teaches us how to recognize and resolve our internal polarizations so that we can evolve instead of revolve. Back to GOODLANDER EXPERIENCE TRAINING (GET)

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