SITMeditation for Reactivity

We all over-react at times. The stress of everyday life can sneak up on us. However, chronic over-reacting has deeper roots in the Polarized Self organization. It is often the result of black and white thinking where the shades of grey have long been ignored or the product of an “unacknowledged fear-of-loss” that gets projected onto the situation. It almost always involves a fear projection as the reactor is often attacking before they even hear what is being said. SITMeditation teaches us to accept life as it is and with that acceptance also comes an acknowledgment of our fears and vulnerabilities. We learn to Sense and Integrate and own our fear – before our fear owns us.  We learn to Transcend our reactions by slowing the whole process down and holding the Spaciousness of just being present.

SITMEDITATION teaches us how to recognize and resolve our internal polarizations so that we can evolve instead of revolve.