SITMeditation for Couples

Really being seen and understood is one of the great joys of being a couple. There is nothing like that deep sense of connection and safety knowing that the other really hears what you say, supports you, and gives you the spaciousness to just be yourself. However, the stresses of life can often squeeze the time a couple has together and distract their attention. The quality of the relationship can suffer as things move too fast and practical demands pile up. SITMeditation is a powerful resource for couples to take back their intimacy and restore the strength of their connection as they relearn to hold space for each other, Sense each other, Integrate new learnings about each other, and Transcend the projections and fears that develop when life moves too fast. The three steps of Sense – Integrate – Transcend are not only a road to personal transformation; they are  a road to relational transformation.


SITMEDITATION teaches us how to recognize and resolve our internal polarizations so that we can evolve instead of revolve.