Consider joining a SITMEDITATION workshop if you:

  • would like to have more joy and peace
  • would like to be more focused and productive
  • would like to be more innovative and adapt to challenges better
  • would like to be more authentic and passionate
  • would like to increase your motivation
  • would like to stop avoiding certain situations
  • would like to be less critical of self or others
  • would like to feel more fulfilled and satisfied

SITMEDITATION  ™ (all-one-word)  is an “inquiry based” practice focused on going beyond the underlying misconceptions and internal polarizations and that keep us stuck in states of conflict and compulsive internal-dialogue. It centers around three  “transcendent keys” (TKs) and a unique process of Sensing, Integrating, and Transcending through four archetypical  polarizations: Spacious vs Empty – Creative vs Destructive – Flowing vs Avoidant – Passionate vs Apathetic.  



Left unchecked, the strained mind will either start to react compulsively or think us into exhaustion undermining our confidence and leading us toward diminished performance, fatigue, restlessness, and anxiety.


Our peace and performance goes down when we prematurely assign values and exercise judgements through polarized logic such as good vs bad, right vs wrong, rather than first cultivating the experiential acceptance of WHAT IS. When we judge ourselves, others, or situations without due process, we rush forward in a way that might produce some temporary feeling of being on the right track, but doesn’t authentically reflect life. As a result, we just end up creating a network of shallow logic and superficial answers. We ruminate endlessly or make ourselves or others miserable with what we think “should be.” We don’t take the time to be truly wise. This is why we often get the advice to “relax” and “slow down” from family and colleagues when we start to become distressed.  Unfortunately, we rarely listen and often rush forward very fast to find ourselves becoming more aggressive, intolerant, and egotistical on the one side or more apathetic, avoidant and depressed on the other.


By learning to just SIT, we can Sense and Integrate our polarizations as soon as they start to happen. We can slow down the rush to judgment, create space, and Transcend both sides of a polarity so we have “options” rather then being caught in the net of This VS ThatSITMEDITATION  offers us a pathway to create more space for authentic living and better decision making; it gives us an effective method to get out of our over identification with judgment-based-internal-narratives and into life as IT IS –  rather than how we wish it was or could be. Through SITMEDITATION   and its unique method of Experiential Acceptance and Applied Non-duality,  life becomes an experience of sensing, integrating, and transcending. With SIT, you can free yourself from conceptual roadblocks  and embrace an expanded capability for being present, loving and fully alive.