SITMeditation is mindfulness meditation on the human condition.

Stress is a basic feature of the human condition. SITMEDITATION is mindfulness meditation on the human condition. The afflictions of mental health and well-being are the same in both high functioning and low functioning groups. The difference is not so much in the kind of reactions the two groups demonstrate but rather the stress level at which those reactions are triggered. High Functioning individuals can cope with stress better thereby reducing the stress within their systems. Through mindfulness meditation and power of mind they can convert “distress” into “ustress” (hormetic adaptation) while their lower functioning counter-parts start exhibiting unstable behaviors. High functioning individuals have learned to naturally shift from reactivity to response, judgment to acceptance,  absence to presence, fear to vitality. They don’t store their tension in their bodies. They respond and let go rather than react and hold on.

SITMEDITATION leverages the Flowing Self organization to relieve stress and restore vitality. It gives the meditator direct access to increased states of flow and spaciousness. Distress is transformed into Ustress by the Flowing Self organization. Stress reduction and adaption is a flow state process.

 SITMEDITATION teaches us how to recognize and resolve our internal polarizations so that we can evolve instead of revolve.