Transcending the Play of Opposites

The mind and the mis-identified self tend to form thoughts in contrast and compare structures. These “one is different from the other” comparisons often quickly lead into premature or Empty Self organized VALUE JUDGEMENTS rather than the simple recognition of difference.  We end up devaluing ourselves or others based on an inner-critic that is unconsciously out of our control and poisoning our spirits.

Once we consciously or unconsciously place a value judgement into the contrast and compare process the whole mechanism gets out of balance. The recognition of difference becomes the identification of right vs wrong. This premature jump from recognition of difference to value judgement more often than not leaves us or others feeling smaller and less empowered. The Empty Self organization has once again stolen a bit of our life energy.

SITMEDITATION teaches us to be aware of when and how premature value judgements may be unconsciously throwing our spirits off balance and diminishing our vitality. Through SITMEDITATION we learn to SENSE when this is happening and consciously INTEGRATE the judgement process so that we can TRANSCEND our tendency to devalue ourselves and the world around us.

  SITMEDITATION teaches us how to recognize and resolve our internal polarizations so that we can evolve instead of revolve.