Consider joining a SITMEDITATION workshop if you:

  • would like to have more joy and peace
  • would like to be more focused and productive
  • would like to be more innovative and adapt to challenges better
  • would like to be more authentic and passionate
  • would like to increase your motivation
  • would like to stop avoiding certain situations
  • would like to be less critical of self or others
  • would like to feel more fulfilled and satisfied

SITMEDITATION  ™ (all-one-word)  is an “inquiry based” practice focused on going beyond the underlying misconceptions and internal polarizations and that keep us stuck in states of conflict and compulsive internal-dialogue. It centers around three  “transcendent keys” (TKs) and a unique process of Sensing, Integrating, and Transcending through four archetypical  polarizations: Spacious vs Empty – Creative vs Destructive – Flowing vs Avoidant – Passionate vs Apathetic.  



Left unchecked, the strained mind will either start to react compulsively or think us into exhaustion undermining our confidence and leading us toward diminished performance, fatigue, restlessness, and anxiety.


Our peace and performance goes down when we prematurely assign values and exercise judgements through polarized logic such as good vs bad, right vs wrong, rather than first cultivating the experiential acceptance of WHAT IS. When we judge ourselves, others, or situations without due process, we rush forward in a way that might produce some temporary feeling of being on the right track, but doesn’t authentically reflect life. As a result, we just end up creating a network of shallow logic and superficial answers. We ruminate endlessly or make ourselves or others miserable with what we think “should be.” We don’t take the time to be truly wise. This is why we often get the advice to “relax” and “slow down” from family and colleagues when we start to become distressed.  Unfortunately, we rarely listen and often rush forward very fast to find ourselves becoming more aggressive, intolerant, and egotistical on the one side or more apathetic, avoidant and depressed on the other.


By learning to just SIT, we can Sense and Integrate our polarizations as soon as they start to happen. We can slow down the rush to judgment, create space, and Transcend both sides of a polarity so we have “options” rather then being caught in the net of This VS ThatSITMEDITATION  offers us a pathway to create more space for authentic living and better decision making; it gives us an effective method to get out of our over identification with judgment-based-internal-narratives and into life as IT IS –  rather than how we wish it was or could be. Through SITMEDITATION   and its unique method of Experiential Acceptance and Applied Non-duality,  life becomes an experience of sensing, integrating, and transcending. With SIT, you can free yourself from conceptual roadblocks  and embrace an expanded capability for being present, loving and fully alive.

SITMeditation for Authenticity and Joy

Being true to oneself and living from the heart naturally produces great satisfaction and well-being. There is nothing like the sense of internal and external alignment when we know when we are acting from our deepest values and beliefs. We experience both a sense of deep connection to ourselves and a spaciousness that extends joyfully to others.

The goal of SITMeditation is such a humbling and grounding state. By neutralizing the play of opposites inside us, SITMEDITATION  frees energy that would otherwise be held in polar-tension and stops the endless interruptions that the Polarized Self is constantly giving rise.  We are no longer interrupted by our doubts, shamed by our judgments, or inflated by our egos. Instead, we achieve a state of humbling equilibrium accepting all that is without need for modification and  that brings an unshakable peace.

 SITMEDITATION teaches us how to recognize and resolve our internal polarizations so that we can evolve instead of revolve. Back to GOODLANDER EXPERIENCE TRAINING (GET)


SITMeditation for Anxiety

Everyone experiences anxiety at one point or another. We all go through periods when we are less confident and in the flow. Our ability to embrace and grow through these times is paramount for our continued development. Self polarization splits our experience into good/bad and if we are not careful we can find ourselves spiraling downward toward self condemnation or shame. The logic goes something like “Anxiety isn’t good. So if I have it, I am bad. ” Anxiety breeds avoidance, over thinking, and can make us both hyper-vigilant and withdrawn. We lose our sense of presence, of being with others, and even of being comfortable in our own skin.

SITMEDITATION works to restore our sense of flow and goes right to the heart of our anxiety and underlying fear of loss. It gives us direct access to the parts of us we need in order to take a deep breath, relax, and just let things go. Through SITMEDITATION we get the opportunity to actually see and experience how anxiety is created inside us and how it can be transformed.

SITMEDITATION teaches us how to recognize and resolve our internal polarizations so that we can evolve instead of revolve. Back to GOODLANDER EXPERIENCE TRAINING (GET)

SITMeditation for Relationships

Often we can see the Hungry and Apathetic organizations playing out the dance of opposites in relationships. This dance of opposites can play out in a number of ways. The simple form is below:

  • when one partner is Hungry the other is Apathetic
  • when one partner is Apathetic the other Hungry
  • one or both partners flip from Hungry to Apathetic or Apathetic to Hungry

This dance of “I want you – I do not want you,” plays out in both the intra-personal and the inter-personal or relational domains. Because the self organizes the perception of reality based on itself; what is inside is outside. The Hunger/Apathy polarity is first an internal form of self-relating that then gets projected onto significant others in the environment.

What is really interesting is that people who have this organization most active seem to find others with a similar level of activation so that the game becomes mutual – and they can focus on the polarity in the other rather than in themselves. If they are really in the grip of this archetypical self-organization, they tend to be reactive in relationships and see things as black or white, good or bad, wonderful or toxic. They hate you or they love you. If the organization is only mildly active they stay stuck with distant relationships that look more like a dance of approach and avoid where calls or emails don’t get returned and meeting dates are continuously rescheduled.

 SITMEDITATION teaches us how to recognize and resolve our internal polarizations so that we can evolve instead of revolve. Back to GOODLANDER EXPERIENCE TRAINING (GET)

SITMeditation for Depression

The best medication is often meditation. Mindfulness practices like SITMEDITATION are well documented as powerful resources for anyone struggling with depression. However, SITMEDITATION has even greater advantages when it comes to working with depression; because, SIT goes directly to the layers of self that generate and maintain depressive states.  The emptiness that depression can bring is built right into the SIT model and gives the meditator a specific pathway to transform their emptiness into a new sense of Spacious possibility. Often hopelessness just melts away as the SIT meditator experiences the source of his depression and is given the tools to do something about it.

SITMEDITATION teaches us how to recognize and resolve our internal polarizations so that we can evolve instead of revolve.

SITMeditation for Reactivity

We all over-react at times. The stress of everyday life can sneak up on us. However, chronic over-reacting has deeper roots in the Polarized Self organization. It is often the result of black and white thinking where the shades of grey have long been ignored or the product of an “unacknowledged fear-of-loss” that gets projected onto the situation. It almost always involves a fear projection as the reactor is often attacking before they even hear what is being said. SITMeditation teaches us to accept life as it is and with that acceptance also comes an acknowledgment of our fears and vulnerabilities. We learn to Sense and Integrate and own our fear – before our fear owns us.  We learn to Transcend our reactions by slowing the whole process down and holding the Spaciousness of just being present.

SITMEDITATION teaches us how to recognize and resolve our internal polarizations so that we can evolve instead of revolve.

SITMeditation for Couples

Really being seen and understood is one of the great joys of being a couple. There is nothing like that deep sense of connection and safety knowing that the other really hears what you say, supports you, and gives you the spaciousness to just be yourself. However, the stresses of life can often squeeze the time a couple has together and distract their attention. The quality of the relationship can suffer as things move too fast and practical demands pile up. SITMeditation is a powerful resource for couples to take back their intimacy and restore the strength of their connection as they relearn to hold space for each other, Sense each other, Integrate new learnings about each other, and Transcend the projections and fears that develop when life moves too fast. The three steps of Sense – Integrate – Transcend are not only a road to personal transformation; they are  a road to relational transformation.


SITMEDITATION teaches us how to recognize and resolve our internal polarizations so that we can evolve instead of revolve.

SITMeditation is mindfulness meditation on the human condition.

Stress is a basic feature of the human condition. SITMEDITATION is mindfulness meditation on the human condition. The afflictions of mental health and well-being are the same in both high functioning and low functioning groups. The difference is not so much in the kind of reactions the two groups demonstrate but rather the stress level at which those reactions are triggered. High Functioning individuals can cope with stress better thereby reducing the stress within their systems. Through mindfulness meditation and power of mind they can convert “distress” into “ustress” (hormetic adaptation) while their lower functioning counter-parts start exhibiting unstable behaviors. High functioning individuals have learned to naturally shift from reactivity to response, judgment to acceptance,  absence to presence, fear to vitality. They don’t store their tension in their bodies. They respond and let go rather than react and hold on.

SITMEDITATION leverages the Flowing Self organization to relieve stress and restore vitality. It gives the meditator direct access to increased states of flow and spaciousness. Distress is transformed into Ustress by the Flowing Self organization. Stress reduction and adaption is a flow state process.

 SITMEDITATION teaches us how to recognize and resolve our internal polarizations so that we can evolve instead of revolve.

Transcending the Play of Opposites

The mind and the mis-identified self tend to form thoughts in contrast and compare structures. These “one is different from the other” comparisons often quickly lead into premature or Empty Self organized VALUE JUDGEMENTS rather than the simple recognition of difference.  We end up devaluing ourselves or others based on an inner-critic that is unconsciously out of our control and poisoning our spirits.

Once we consciously or unconsciously place a value judgement into the contrast and compare process the whole mechanism gets out of balance. The recognition of difference becomes the identification of right vs wrong. This premature jump from recognition of difference to value judgement more often than not leaves us or others feeling smaller and less empowered. The Empty Self organization has once again stolen a bit of our life energy.

SITMEDITATION teaches us to be aware of when and how premature value judgements may be unconsciously throwing our spirits off balance and diminishing our vitality. Through SITMEDITATION we learn to SENSE when this is happening and consciously INTEGRATE the judgement process so that we can TRANSCEND our tendency to devalue ourselves and the world around us.

  SITMEDITATION teaches us how to recognize and resolve our internal polarizations so that we can evolve instead of revolve.